The End.

Hiding behind your pain is never an okay feeling, or pretty sight. It shows heavily. I’ve always said talents are a great form of expression. Covid has brought us all some form of stress or depression; and I’d like you all to know as friends, family, and parents, that you’ve done a great job with coping during these times.

I sit back and observe, everyone was so down for Black Lives Matter, but Covid hit, where was your mask? Had we all took the necessary precautions, instead of sharing milds, and other smoke. Not knowing who had what, we could’ve knocked our percentage down. Yes, we did have lockdowns, and trust me, those things do take a toll on you emotionally and financially.

Our states could’ve been more lenient with financial issues and bill payments, as they became a heavy burden on those who had to leave work. In a way, Covid has brought my family together, but there is always those times where you wanna go out to certain places; knowing now you have to carry lysol or some form of cleaning products to insure you bring nothing home to the Elderly, or those with health issues. I myself have to be careful.

Essential workers aren’t looked upon as they should be. We risk our lives to insure that you are supplied or able to shop. Not enough thanks is given; so from me to you, thank-you.

( Jessica Hunter )

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