Sex Talk

It comes a point in time where somethings may clash in your life, whether it be your past and future, or you and your own family/friends; but you must learn to handle such energy in the proper form. Over the years, there has always been this talk about guys having girl bestfriends, and vice versa. Should they exist? Or can they without some sort of sexual connection?

Not everyone you meet wants/has to have a sexual connection with you. Growing up, all I had were guy friends for the most part. Why? Because females do too much, and are a HUGE fan of drama, which I am not. Some guys may be all for sex, and some are not. Same with girls, there is no excuse as to why any human being might be all about sex, cheat, etc., but that should not permit them from living life if you get my drift. I’ve had guy friends who have tried to be more than just friends, and that was up to me to know my limits. Too often women are looked down upon when it comes to trust especially in situations as such. I’ve had/have guy friends who I call my brothers, who have always lead me in the right direction with no intentions of anything else; and that Is up to me to know my limits.

It doesn’t mean I’m incapable of doing things on my own, it means there are people who wanna see you win, and there are people who just wanna be apart of the process. That means know yourself, know your worth. I realized a lot along my journey, such issues can cause trust issues, but it’s called setting a boundary. Whether it be between you and business, or you and personal.

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