Bubsy Millions

Bubsy Millions, the hottest “Negu” ( Negus ) on the block as he describes himself. Best known for his ambition and dedication to not only his music, but to his people. Straight outta North Carolina, and musically traveling through your speakers ever since 2010, Bubsy has made it his business to make a positive influence out of nothing. Inspired by Swizz Beats, from Depression to Believe, Bubsy gave you permission to see how his life took a change; in comparison with others and today’s life, things you could actually relate to. Now, Bubsy’s giving “Negus” a stepping stone into becoming a better person than they were the day before.


Negus – 2020

Baby Please Don’t Stop – 2020

Whine For Me – 2020

Get High – 2020

Believe – 2019

North Meets South – 2019

G.O.Y.A – 2018

Bust It Open – 2018

Depression – 2018 

Remember Me – 2017

Venues: To Be Announced

Record Label: Millionaires Music

Social Media Platforms : Twitter // Instagram // Spotify // Tidal // Apple Music // Youtube // Soundcloud

Contact Info: Management: Miltonterry17@yahoo.com // Chareehunter@yahoo.com //

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