Lmmnt You So Different

So clubhouse has played a major part in the reconnection/meeting of Jerseyclub. A lot of us known each other for years due to schooling, being from the same city, or “team”; while others met through others. For about a week now, we’ve just been figuring out what we could do to better ourselves. That was the greatest part of our connection besides encouraging each other to become better.

During the process, I was introduced to a bright-minded 21 year old multidimensional Artist named Lmmnt ( pronounced Element ). As a Jerseyclub producer, she was very engaged in the mental process of being in the industry. To my surprise, Lmmnt has performed at the Giant’s stadium and received a NAACP award. ( see here )

Lmmnt’s podcast on mental health was well discussed. Everyone doesn’t understand how hard it is to be a female in the industry, let alone not being a lot of females in Jerseyclub are heard inside and out. Lmmnt came up with the idea of a mental health podcast with hopes to push people and get advice, when you feel like your craft is weighing you down, what do you do?

For someone so young, Lmmnt had already accomplished so much mentally and musically. Her music and views on music has major impacts from the era before us, yet her own style. Infact, “Check me out,” is actually one of my favorite songs. “Lmmnt you so different,” her drops are booty bounce drops, that “Go up to a chick right now, grab her by the waist, turn her ass around, and just HIT IT TO THE BEAT.”

( Jessica Hunter )

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