Age Ain’t Nothing, But A Number.

Overstepping your boundaries can cause a lot of tension especially when it doesn’t fully involve you. You cannot save everybody from everything; or take responsibility for things that others should especially when your situation isn’t fully up to par.

In today’s age we tend to continuously “Age ain’t nothin’ but a number,” when in all actuality age comes with respect. As you become a certain age, you start/should start to realize what comes with life and how to go about. First off, age ain’t nothing but a number, however it does not dictate your maturity. You have thirteen year olds maturer than 21 years olds; why? Some may ask. Thirteen year olds have been thrown into situations where they have had to put on those adult pants and push forward. Situations like these consist of neglection, family deaths, adoptions, etc. These are examples of age ain’t nothin’ but a number, when you hold on to your last, you got to become the best that you can be with all you’ve got left.

My next issue respectfully, if it’s not your responsibility, don’t make it yours to do so risking a lot of things like relationships/friendships. Mind your business. No matter what situation deep down, every child treasures having the ability to have both or all siblings, etc. That’s the major part of the family. Irregardless of how much time you’ve put in with that family, especially if you have a family of your own, it is not your place to step in anywhere. See where a lot of people mess up is trying to fix their faults in past situations in current situations. Doing so, you’ll drown in your own sorrow’s repeating life, because the next person ain’t gonna always be better than the last. Age ain’t nothing but a number, mind ya business.

( Jessica Hunter )

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