Where’s Lmmnt ?

Where’s Lmmnt? They asked. Lmmnt took a break to focus on herself not only as a person, but as a producer. Now back and better via Clubhouse and her latest hit Cardi B- Up ( Jersey Club Mix ) ; she’s came with a whole game plan. When I first heard the song it was so different, but isn’t that who Lmmnt is? Ofcourse the bass in each song catches the eye, and that’s exactly what grasped mine. The way she went about bringing the song in was ambitious, Lmmnt started off with the baddest verse with the determination of “I came to win”. What I love the most about music is it’s smooth, yet hard at the same time! That bass still knocks your speakers! Infact, I not only listened to that one song, I caught up on the rest and let me tell you if your head ain’t rockin’ back and fourth, or you ain’t dancin’, that ain’t it. But Lmmnt’s music was so different!!

You see females in the Jersey Club game are often looked down upon. Why? When it’s a woman’s booty bounce that gets the party jumping. Lmmnt has not only released fire via Soundcloud, she’s come up with expansion and different ways for Jersey Club women to be recognized for who they are; and a chance to show she’s not just here for herself. It’s the back to back ideas for me! “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for something.” Lmmnt is standing for Jersey Club, thed women in Jersey Club.

Where can you find Lmmnt now? Soundcloud, still releasing fire, Instagram expressing thoughts via visuals, Clubhouse networking, and anywhere else that involves Jersey Club. Open-minded to any idea of progression, not only for herself, but others, Lmmnt wants it so bad, she’s personally pulling up on you. The determination is THERE!

( Jessica Hunter )

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