Who Is Jersey Club?

Jersey Club is a family, from early 2000’s, and on going. We’re not deceptive to anyone who attempts to be apart of the culture. The more, the merrier. The expansion around the world is amazing. London, California, Arizona, Florida, for example, we are all over, yet still together. We each want the same thing, TO BE HEARD. Jersey Club is a vibe, the type of music that you have no choice but to dance too, you feel that bass in your heart.

As of lately, Jersey Club has been the talk of Social media and the passion of a lot of people’s hearts. Jersey Club is a passion, it’s life and often not recognized as deeply as it should be. It brings a lot of us together as family, and as members of Jersey Club. When something is wrong with one of us, we are there for one another; let someone try to bash our name, we appear together STRONG! It’s amazing how many people we were able to find that we didn’t know entertain in Jersey Club. We’ve had Cardi B, ( “I put my hand above my hip, I bet, you dip, he dip, she dip” ) – DJ Jayhood’s famous “Hands on ya hipsWolftyla, Chris Brown, Unicorn, and Bandmanrill, to name a few, have incorporated Jersey Club with their talent in some way, shape or form whether it be rap, dance, etc.

We are a team, we stand for each other, we work with each other, we work with each other whether we agree or not. We are all over the world connecting with each other, creating logos, creating dances, creating Tik Toks, etc. Just as R&B is a genre, Hip-Hop is a genre, Jersey Club is a genre. A genre that doesn’t influence negativity, a genre that doesn’t put anyone down. In fact it hypes us up to dance, create more, and stay outta the way! Who thinks about hanging in the streets when that bpm is dumping? In fact we are thinking about who can win that dance battle.

So when such and such says they created this 1st or did that first, so be it. At the end of the day, we still love what we do, we still support one another, and nobody is going to come between that. We are a family, we may not see eye to eye everyday. You either with us or in our way.

Graphic Designing Done By My Client: Stevie Styles

( Jessica Hunter )

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