“Go Crazy” 🔥

Moving in silence is the best way to move. You get so much accomplished staying out the way, and have the opportunity to work on yourself as a person, and within your talent. Almost like a game plan. Respectfully, as Stevie Styles‘s manager, I’m proud of his progress, his ambition. It’s people like “Tazz” and “Jerzthedj,” who I couldn’t have pushed Stevie without. We turned every negative within ourselves and around us into a positive, came together, and decided let’s “Go Crazy “.

Go Crazy” with Stevie Styles has released on Soundcloud ft Tazz and Jerzthedj. These three have continuously passed this song back and fourth to figure out what one another can do to progress. If it sounded crazy, they discussed that upon one another. The bond for Jersey Club and to get things do? Do you think some of us met face to face? You see, usually it’s “Send me that zip,” when we’re together it’s something different. Everyone came crazy in “Go Crazy” as far as the producers. Each part had a twist to make you get up and dance whether you wanna booty bounce, or get fresh. These men each do it for the culture, can you imagine what’s next? Chris Brown and Young thug, that was just an example. These songs are being used in the best ways on both sides of the music genre, and work great for all ages in the music industry.

A lot of us have love for the industry in different ways. When one needs guidance, we lead by example. When one needs promotion, an ear, a zip, a vocal, we make it happen, and that’s what it’s all about irregardless of what “clique” or generation each producer came from. I think that’s where people mess up the most because you start to believe within the industry’s thought’s and not your own. It makes you “Go Crazy” feel me?

Stevie Styles / Instagram / Twitter / Soundcloud

JerzTheDJ / Instagram / Twitter / Soundcloud

Tazz / Instagram / Twitter / Soundcloud

( Jessica Hunter ) – Literaturebyjessc

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