The ‘Almost’ Daily Show-Dana Johnson

The ‘Almost Daily Show’ created by and featuring Dana J is absolutely amazing. Available via every social platform, I tune in just about each weak or so when he releases an episode. Hearing these episodes have not only got me more excited to meet him in person, but it makes me feel as though I’ve already known him for a while. I just can’t explain it, coming from a blogger, the type of questions I’d ask, he makes sure are answered and that’s another thing I love about the show. It keeps the show flowing and all in one direction.

If you pay attention to some shows, everything that is “About to air in 5 minutes,” each actor has a way to preview what they need to say, not everything is always memorized. With that being said, he used the answers given to keep the conversation flowing. These are small things to you that appear big to others. I love hearing the shows, it’s a form of motivation. One of the people Dana J had worked with he had met via Clubhouse. Look how great networking is and what is can do for one as an individual and as a team. How can we both benefit from these things? Except Dana J isn’t always looking for anything in return, as he discusses the non-profit organizations he has been working with for some time.

Episode 1 was Dana J’s premiere episode which was released on his birthday. His album “Commercials” had already been released and it was a great start. In this particular episode, I got to meet Dana J as a person and who he was. The episode was basically a peak into his life and how he got into music, which is what anyone would question a musician anyway. Dana answered questions one would ask that is interviewing another, you get what I am trying to say? Like me, Dana studied sociology in West Virginia University himself, to make sense of life. The depth of why people do the things they do is truly amazing, and important to understand.

Episode two, “Sad is Ghetto” discusses how you could have been born and raised in the ghetto, yet can still make something out of yourself and for your people influencing others to want to do the same. Networking is an awesome thing, clubhouse got us a far way. Clubhouse is actually the way Dana J and Wavecap Johnny, who is the voice/narrator of “Commercials.”At what point is enough, when do you want better for yourself?” – Quoted from Episode two, the exact question I asked myself. Many of us have grown up in hard times, not all of us have grown up living or living in the ghetto. Wavecap Johnson definitely got his message across as far as you can make a change. It takes one to lead, for others to follow.

Episode three, Emotional Roller Coaster,” Commercials is out! This episode speaks upon my favorite track “Black Girl Magic,” featuring Sixela. The track not only described what it feels like to be a woman, but what one must go through in order to make it. It couldn’t have been recited any other way in my eyes, the song gave emotion, which tied into this episode’s title alone with the types of emotions we have. This episode gave hope to those who didn’t have it in my opinion. The way Dana gave influence off his personal life and was able to connect with the episodes title, and conversations is amazing, very versatile. I could go on and on telling you about each episode or you can go tune in yourself, best thing I’ve ever done!

( Literaturebyjessc – Jessica Hunter )

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