Getting There ..

It’s not where you start, it’s where you end. I started off with a completely different name prior to literaturebyjessc as we all may have, yet this one stuck with me. Don’t be afraid to make changes and take risk to whatever it takes to make you better as a person, business, friend, etc. I’ve learned not everybody has the same mindset as you. It’s nice to start off with all new things, but what’s it worth if you cannot prosper in the end, because you spent up all the money you could’ve had and then some, flexing. It’s like having a car, especially your first. That’s something you want to be your dream, your baby. Man listen, my first car was a Nissan Maxima which I’m thankful for, but it was only a step to get me to and from. Meaning, I wouldn’t have minded starting with an older car and working my way up; which is pretty much how I’m comparing my career. I literally started ground up, put the work, talk, and time in. I learn something new each day, which I use towards becoming a better me.

Over the past month or so, I really understood the meaning of taking nothing and creating something. Taking an old building that one may consider “abandoned,” and turning it into a studio is a great thing. The way it was done, and still being furnished is absolutely amazing. This goes back to my title “Getting there…”. Everything literally was built, found, or connected from us. Initially the idea was pitched to me with what can it do for us all, now look. A studio, a blogger, a photography set up, and a store? Each owned or ran by a different entrepreneur ( Madmax, Chris, Lit, Goon & myself) ; yet all connected as a team. Days become short, nights became longer, but you will not leave without the best quality. Everybody wanna be famous, nobody wanna put the time in. Look at what we doing, not only working together, but coming together, when you are in a partnership involving money and business, “You are a reflection of me, and vice versa.”

Professionalism has taught me a lot. You’re not going to like everybody you work with, but it’s all about respect. As I always say not everyone thinks like you. Many can’t take constructive criticism, even if it’s coming from someone who doesn’t specify in their craft. Maybe, maybe that person is right. Maybe, it’ll lead you a long way. A lot of things I’ve learned has come from listening to and watching others. It took for me to make the mistakes on my own, and look in the direction to correct them. Apparently I’ve looked in the correct direction, because these team members all have the same ambition, goal, and mindset as I. ” B.I.T.E ” – Fabolous

( Jessica Hunter – Literaturebyjessc )

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