Men Abuse is real!

As a woman, sometimes we always want this and that, to be spoiled. Do you spoil your man, or fault him for your previous relationships, and faults? Insecurity in a relationship is very common. Ya’ll say ya’ll love one another, but go through phones, call each other “Wya?”. If you gotta do all that, there is no truat between one another. You guys should be able to communicate thoroughly instead of constantly arguing.

Do you not think men have feelings? Not all man are the same. Just because Mike did whatever he did, doesn’t mean John will do the same. This is where I get to the fact of men abuse being real. Every man has a story of why they are who they are today, and when you get mad at him and start hitting him for no reason, do you ever think that someone else may have done that before? Men try to bury the beast that someone else has created, especially when they really love you. Ever notice how he don’t hit or argue back? It’s not always because he doesn’t care, maybe you’re causing a flashback. Toxic relationships aren’t good for health.

I see stories about how a woman got abused, sometimes that’s before acknowledging how she bit, or tried to stab him. Ever think that bruise on a woman’s wrist is because he restrained her without trying to hurt her? No one is perfect, but I’ve seen with my own eyes, a man ignore an argument and got bitten, bruised, and even lost family members because the world will hear a woman out, before a man. Mike and john aren’t the same, but as a woman you naturally have a guard up, but it’s not right to not take fault for your actions.

Men don’t only get physically abused, they get emotionally abused, mentally abused. Time after time you feel as though you have failed someone, when someone has really failed you as a man. Where is ya “bro,” when needed? They know you better than that woman. Sometimes you’ve explained what you’ve been through, whether it be rape as a child, abused by parents, alcoholic parents, women we are not the only ones who go through things. But if he still love, and with you after you bit him, or tried to turn the world against him, he better than me.🤷🏾‍♀️ Somebody gonna love me for ME.

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