Ain't nothing wrong with a little 2muchsuace, especially when it's on your wings. Located off of Randolph road in Plainfield, Nj, across from the old Muhlenberg Hospital, I (Literaturebyjessc), stopped by to grab favorite Honey bbq wings. Man the whole truck is family, so open, welcoming, and honest. I remember when this truck first came... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Food Truck ( 2muchsauce )

When I first met "2muchsauce Food Truck" I was "Storiesbyjess," now I'm "Literaturebyjessc" and they got a whole nother truck. I'm tryna be like them! Dedication is important, and boy have they shown it via work, Instagram, events, etc. I'm very glad to have the opportunity of watching this food truck progress. You've got people... Continue Reading →

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