A Little Dinner Before Dinner.


Ain’t nothing wrong with a little 2muchsuace, especially when it’s on your wings. Located off of Randolph road in Plainfield, Nj, across from the old Muhlenberg Hospital, I (Literaturebyjessc), stopped by to grab favorite Honey bbq wings. Man the whole truck is family, so open, welcoming, and honest. I remember when this truck first came out and everybody and their mom was lined up, police couldn’t stop traffic because they were in line too. Not everybody cooks the same, and not everybody cooks like yo momma, but 2muchsauce is something different, it’s like that special recipe each family has on a particular food or meal.

Now the main reason why I love this whole team is because they didn’t just stop with one food truck, they kept it going as productive as they could possibly be. Attending events, getting another truck, and see due to this stereotypical world, you would think it was just an African-American thing. Nah nah fam, I seen ya grandma from Canada, and Johnny mommy said she’s not cooking tonight, so you better come with me to 2muchsauce. Positive vibes only, if you haven’t visited them by now what are you waiting for? I been rocking with them everysince they came out, when I was storiesby_jess, now I’m literaturebyjessc. Which sauce you want?

( Jessica Hunter )

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