My Favorite Food Truck ( 2muchsauce )

When I first met “2muchsauce Food Truck” I was “Storiesbyjess,” now I’m “Literaturebyjessc” and they got a whole nother truck. I’m tryna be like them!

Dedication is important, and boy have they shown it via work, Instagram, events, etc. I’m very glad to have the opportunity of watching this food truck progress. You’ve got people coming out of different towns just for this food! Crowds during all parts of the day, better call your order in.(908-548-6650) Pick your own sauce, all highly recommended. Located at 1220 Park ave, Plainfield, NJ, across from Muhlengburg hospital.

I remember one day I was out doing a Vlog and needed to eat, like NEEDED, and I stopped at the truck to try something new, ’cause my favorite sauce is honey barbecue on my wings. So I decided to try that good ole’ fish N’ shrimp. Do you know that I went right back for more? It was AMAZING. Like literally “Cookin’ wit the flour, hit em if you need the fish.” 😂❤️ That’s my Uncle’s favorite food place and he’s always asking me to make sure they open! 😂 Love is love, I definitely support. Open jobs available! Contact them via Instagram & 908-548-6650.

(Jessica Hunter)

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