The Collection Vol IV-Styles Savage 🔥🏆

Meeting Styles Savage was an eye opener. Someone who is truly about their business and will go above and beyond to complete that mission. I love when I call an Artist, Dj, Producer, Rapper/Singer, and they’re in the studio. It’s amazing, and in my eyes it gives me the strength to go forward. Where was... Continue Reading →

The JerseyClub Workout 🗽

Deejay Dru, one of the major Jerseyclub Goats, always has major achievements, goals, accomplishments, tricks, and anything else amazing up his sleeve. From Jerseyclub battles to bringing back Jerseyclub in a way nobody would’ve thought would motivate them to workout. Dru’s Latest Ep “The Jerseyclub workout” was amazing! It was all well put together. The... Continue Reading →

$antana II Society

We grew up together, the life we experienced, I knew we all was gonna be something. The difference between me and $antana Da G is I'm a blogger, he's a real rapper. You rap better about a life you've experienced personally. " We ain't duckin' but we in these streets," - No Dollaz, " If... Continue Reading →

“About Last Night”

Talent keeps getting thrown towards my eyes and ears. Anytime my phone rings, I know it’s business. Thanks to Haji for blessing my eyes with the ability to see such a beauty and listen to such thoughts. Jersey City singer, songwriter and engineer Candice “Kärma" Peterson (born March 29, 1994) is the voice of the messages... Continue Reading →

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