“About Last Night”

Talent keeps getting thrown towards my eyes and ears. Anytime my phone rings, I know it’s business. Thanks to Haji for blessing my eyes with the ability to see such a beauty and listen to such thoughts.

Jersey City singer, songwriter and engineer Candice “Kärma” Peterson (born March 29, 1994) is the voice of the messages some of us are scared to show. Some of the feelings we don’t know how to discuss or say because it’s not typical in today’s generation for a loyal, smart, female to hit on a guy 1st instead of vice versa. Any picture she takes has connection with any song especially the photos and cover photo recently taking for her EP “About Lastnight,” available via soundcloud.

I first listened to “Easy” and it put me in the thought of where people say “all guys don’t have feelings.” If any male was to listen to that song, he’d definitely be in his feelings. You see men go through the same emotions a girl does, well some of them, and the way “Kärma” expressed how she’d love a man in her song “Easy”, she can treat a guy well. But see back to my beginning statement Kärma has now explained the feelings of a man with a twist. I absolutely loved it!!



Check her out!

( Jessica Hunter )

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