Pay Attention.

I have a weird phobia where I don't like people behind my back, and when there is something there, I tend to feel it. It's called paying attention to your surroundings, staying on top of what's around you. Paying attention can be depicted from so many ways and that is what many of us fail... Continue Reading →

#Progression // Freestyle Fridayz

I've got a lot of projects going on. Literaturebyjessc started off with just a notebook and a pen, to radio vibes and live interviews. Supporting one another is what I encourage the most. Talent Vibez has been a major success, I'm meeting new talents and inspirations everywhere and we keep progressing coming together. That's all... Continue Reading →

You Did That To Yourself

I always stress the fact that if  you are working on something that has an impact on the world and yourself, keep pushing. Watching Kevin Hart the other day on The Breakfast Club with Charlamagnethegod, Angela Yee, and Dj Envy, although it was old, I loved the way he produced his words. He kept it... Continue Reading →

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