You Did That To Yourself

I always stress the fact that if  you are working on something that has an impact on the world and yourself, keep pushing. Watching Kevin Hart the other day on The Breakfast Club with Charlamagnethegod, Angela Yee, and Dj Envy, although it was old, I loved the way he produced his words. He kept it so real in saying that It’s nobody’s fault why you are in the predicament that you are in today. What I mean by that was the fact that he stressed hard work and bringing others up with you, just as I do. He felt Tiffany Haddish fit perfectly in his movie, and as she said, she may not have an effect on everybody’s life, but she has an effect on somebody’s and she kept it so positive.

Ignoring what was said about her being a comedian through social media via Katt Williams, Tiffany Haddish still kept positive vibes, saying he was and is one of her favorite comedians. I loved her positivity during the show irregardless of what was said about her. However, Kevin Hart did say basically if you make your bed, lay in it. Nobody forces you to do anything, but you. In order to succeed, you have to work, and sometimes use the platforms you’ve created to bring others up with you. He also acknowledged the fact that it is okay for those who’ve you’ve helped to surpass you, it’s a part of progression between the African-American community. We always try to fault others for our failure when it’s partially not their fault. Kevin hart didn’t just become Kevin Hart out of no where, just like I didn’t become literaturebyjessc out of no where, it took dedication and ambition.

(Jessica Hunter)

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