Pay Attention.

I have a weird phobia where I don’t like people behind my back, and when there is something there, I tend to feel it. It’s called paying attention to your surroundings, staying on top of what’s around you. Paying attention can be depicted from so many ways and that is what many of us fail to do. We fail to view things from all aspects instead of just ours or what we wish to see.

When I discuss paying attention, I’m noticing that I’m beginning to accept life for what it is. It’s up to you to decide what you wanna do in life and how you’re gonna go about it. Maybe because of the positivity I like to instill in others, I look for all ways to do so. Sometimes it’s not me flat out telling you a positive thing, it could be an action. If I’m mentioning positive things repeatedly, it’s because I want you to believe in yourself the way somebody else might not have, I want you to see someone notices your trying.

When I discuss paying attention, as an adult providing for myself, ways of eating, watching tv, showering, and all that great stuff comes to head. This is where budgeting comes in to play, this is where you learn this is real life, nobody’s gonna baby you all day. Family and friends say “They got you,” but it’s more important to make sure you got yourself because just as quick as something can be given to you, it can be snatched right back if that makes any sense. Think about things from all aspects before making the next move, I’m just saying.

Pay attention to the way someone treats you in general. These are all key factors of paying attention from different aspects. If somebody cares about you, you’ll know it, you’ll feel it. If somebody doesn’t, your gut ain’t lying. Whatever your gut feeling is saying is true. Also understand that the same ones who ate with you when you was starving, are the ones who deserve to get served well when you are eating. Now, Break that down..

( Jessica Hunter )

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