The Irony!

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I didn’t get to you guys until now because I wanted a lot to talk about. So how ya’ll doing? I went to have that money talk this morning, and Friday at 7 am is my 1st day of UPS. Nothing new, I do this everyday. So there was this guy there at ups having that money talk as well, and he looked so familiar, like my cousin Darell’s uncle David. That awkward conversation started on his behalf, and you know I had to ask. “You got a brother round here?” He laughed with this island accent JUST LIKE DARELL’S UNCLE. “Yeah, why?”

I told em he looked like my cousins uncle David. Guess what he had nerve to say?! “I am David.” I looked at him and thought I needed to stop messing with my meds. “No you not, not Darell’s David” He started crackin up, “Nah, not his David but my name is David.” They both was from this islands, and by the way he spoke, I already knew he was Jamaican. Sure enough, my mans was from Portmore. That was so ironic though. We spoke about Jamaica for a bit because I told him every Jamaican I meet is from Portmore, Kingston, or Port Royal, or Montego Bay, and of course he had something to say. Anywho, that was that, I got on the bus back home, and the first person in the front seat was my DAD. Who would’ve thought I’d run in to him Today, on this bus, at this time. LOL. But it was a blessing to sit and talk wit my mans about any and everything. I never realized how much I act like him until every time somebody got on the bus, we both had something to say. LOL.

Anywho, as far as blogging today, I did not try to be grammatically correct, punctually neither, but I’ve got news for you! That Lil’ Love Story is updated and has it’s own tab so those of you who have not read it can read the whole thing from start to finish. Coming out with a new tab showing my friend’s and family’s creativity as well, so if you would like to be featured, do message me somehow. Thank you for all the support and love, please continue to share and keep up with me, as it’s only getting better!

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