Always thinking bout somethin’

I’m always thinking about something like what happened yesterday, and what’s supposed to happen tomorrow. I was going through my old pics on Facebook and ig, pictures taken with people I ain’t seen since that picture was taken. LOL. High school years, who have you seen since high school ? I barely seen anyone, everyone hated my school and it’s principal so much that we all agreed once we graduated we’d have nothing to do with that school. I guess high school reunions are out of the picture. *Kanye shruggs* Soon as we all received our diploma’s everyone flew like a flock of birds. I don’t understand why they ain’t just give us our diploma’s right then and there anyway instead of an empty booklet on stage, and making us wait until after graduation to go back and grab it.

I’m always thinkin’ about something, like how to better myself. And by bettering myself, I mean gaining weight. I’ve ate my cabbage and rice, my collard greens, and all that, and nothing seems to be workin’. Probably because I’m always speed walking somewhere, but I be tryna get to where I’m going and back safely and unbothered. During my “thinking times,” I like to blast music. The style of my music doesn’t really matter, but I’m a young female with an old soul, into that good ol’ r&b more than anything. Today’s music doesn’t really impress me as much, AND IF I HEAR THAT DAMN CARDI B SONG ONE MORE TIME, my head will explode. Nothing against her, the song is dope, it’s just played out, and it got too many females thinkin’ they rappers just because they know the song by heart.

I’m always thinkin’ bout something because life, the world, and the mind is such an interesting thing. My uncle has these slippers that cover your whole foot, ankle and all. It actually covers the back part of your foot as well, but I couldn’t seem to understand why he wouldn’t wear the slipper correctly, instead he flattened the back part of his slipper, as he did the rest of them. Then wonders why his feet cold all the time. LMAO. I’m going to work on that story, ya’ll enjoy ya’ll night.

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