What a busy weekend!

I hope everybody’s holiday was amazing. It shouldn’t take for a holiday to bring family and friends together as nothing nor tomorrow is never promised. I didn’t have my coffee this morning and I don’t know how I am up and functioning right now due to the fact that I was up at 4am eating snacks and whatnot. The smell of breakfast wasn’t what woke me up, but the smell of dinner, and loud music. I should be resting some more since today is the last rest day before it’s back to a busy week. S/o to my boyfriend for massaging me, not all guys are bad!

So yesterday I went to Burnet Burger last night for a milkshake that filled me up itself! Talk about amazing?! I mean I’ve been known about them, but I wasn’t sure y’all did. Although for four dollars and twenty-eight cents, I could’ve crushed some Oreos, and blended milk and vanilla ice-cream at home. I’m not being cheap, it just seems as though you literally have to pay for everything in life, and $20 has become $1. To fart, is twenty-five cents.

Tis’ the season to get sick. I racked up on tea and cough drops this year cause for some reason I always seem to get sick around this time. With a cough deeper than a bear’s roar. Ain’t see no snow yet, and I’m honestly not ready to be sliding up and down streets delivering boxes, if ya driveway ain’t shoveled, I’m suing. LOL. And still during that time, these workers be wearing shorts, talking bout all that movement makes you hot. Back to work tomorrow, but it’s Cyber Monday! Did you go Black Friday shopping? The lines to stores looked way worst than the welfare office. Each time I have the opportunity to get something for a good price or go to the store unplanned, I never know what to get, but when I actually need something, I can never go on time or get it for the correct price. Like now, all I want is a laptop, and I’ve wanted it for a while, now I have the opportunity to get one for a decent price and i’m probably not going to get it.

Stories and page are updated and currently being worked on, tune in!

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