So Much To Do


Ya’ll know I usually have my coffee in the morning, instead it was tea. Didn’t wake me up, but them nightmares from this medicine surely did. Doctor’s check-up today for all that! It’s National Epilepsy Awareness month! Currently still trying to find a cure and the cause of my own. As I’ve previously explained, living with epilepsy is not easy along with medications and the side effects it  gives. I’ve had this problem for almost two years now and each day handling it feels just as new as the day of the very 1st seizure. Like what the heck is wrong with me?

Ever feel as though you can never get your to do list complete? Like every time you complete the whole thing, something else pops up out of no where? Current situation, my brain has a whole lot of tabs open. I thought staying busy was a good idea to keep your mind off of certain things, but in certain occasions it can cause stress. I guess staying busy with the things you like or are more into is a lot more easier to maintain than the things you actually need done.

Keep updated with each story!

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