I HATE being woken up from my sleep, and each day it happens just before the time that I’d like to get up. The other day I was getting me some good sleep, bed to myself, head scarf falling half way off, that GOOD ol’. Was dreaming something about my mom coming to pick me up, and in the dream, she came and rung the doorbell because I was taking too long to come out. Where as in real life, at the same exact time as the dream, somebody came and rung the doorbell at 5 am. Mad? I was so upset because when I got to the door, it wasn’t nobody there. Sad part is, I got right up after the doorbell rung, so it’s not like the mystery had been waiting long. I went and got back in my bed trying to fall asleep, thinking I was buggin’, and my sister came in the room like “did you hear someone ring the doorbell?”

How I got through the whole day I could not even tell you, because after 5 am I never went back to sleep. Sleeping has become harder with the side effects of the medications, so whenever I get the chance to have some good sleep, and it’s interrupted, it’s very hard. When is the snow coming? I’m not ready for it, but with all this crazy weather going on, I don’t know what to expect. Wake up one morning and it’s like summer outside, by afternoon or mid-day, it’s freezing. Shout out to all the bald girls toughing this season out with no wigs, and if you got one on this season, ain’t nobody mad atcha. I walked out the house yesterday forgetting I was bald until that wind started coming left and right and blew me right back to the crib.

Ever feel like you where born in the wrong era? For my age, I have a very old soul. New music and rap does not excite me. TLC, SWV, Usher, etc, they excite me. You know when you through them headphones on and you’re up on stage with the artist, best moment. It’s no such thing as being too mature, but my mind is older than my age. I know what I want in life already, what I have now, imma keep it, and if I don’t got whatever else I want, imma go get it. Not into any attention via social media or anything else that is not helping me grow or prosper in anyway. Work, work, work, stack, and save. That’s the motto! Overall, I just have an older mentality than my actual age, and others my age. It’s not a problem, everyone doesn’t think the same. I’ve been paying attention to this zodiac sign thing lately in connection with a person of each zodiac sign, and most of it is true. I’ve only read upon Libra’s (bae), Gemini’s (me), Aries (mom), and Virgos (sis), and most of what they say, is exactly how we act. How that was created and really describes us is very weird, and amazing at the same time. I’ve always been into weird things like that. I’ve got some story writing to do, so excuse me!

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