Money Monday!

Rise N’ Grind!

Such a trashy weekend for me! Hope yours went well. I woke up this morning and that’s all that matters! Money Monday has started off well, I finally got my coffee, but forgot my charger case for the day. Seems as though each time you are ahead of the game, or pack long before needing to be ready, you always forget something. I remember one time I was so prepared for my day that when it was time to go, I left my thoughts, LOL. Unusual for me to be this prepared and energized on a Monday morning especially with cramps that had me praying to God asking for forgiveness over something I didn’t even do.

Knowing you are doing something to make someone else proud is an amazing feeling regardless of whether they are there to witness it or not. Just knowing that you have someone to do it for is an amazing feeling, but doing it for yourself is even better. At the end of the day when you’ve done something good or something that you’ve wanted done, how well do you feel knowing that you did it? With or without help. Take time to acknowledge and make yourself proud before worrying about others. Self-love is so important! Today, you may have thought how life was so hard, and you’re constantly trying, but today, I think you’re an amazing person, your work and determination never goes unnoticed, and your time is coming.

Today I also thought that it was cold as hell and could finally be “winter”. I’m still not ready for snow, infact, I probably never will be. I’m still trying to team up with Santa and see what he getting everybody for Christmas so that all presents can say “From Santa & Jess” cuz sheesh! $$$ Soon as money touch ya hand, it’s a bill that need to be pad, or this is needed, or you gotta pay to breathe! Catch ya later! 😏✍️

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