Getting someone to understand you is very hard. Trying to understand someone is hard as well. You never know what they’ve been through that has such an inspiration on their lives today. Sometimes you can’t help everybody and everything. If words don’t help, maybe actions will. Since focusing on myself and being a team of just myself, I’ve experienced so many blessings. Those who read my work are a blessing, other writers and agents have reached out to me, and I’ve been able to experience more in life period. I’m not down talking being a team or working with others, even trying to help someone, it just didn’t work for me.

Waking up each morning with a bald head and cold weather, I still haven’t adjusted, but I’m getting there. Over the years I’ve been through so much pain from loosing people, to first loves and situationships, to medical problems of mine and family members, to depression. Slowly coming back from that on my own and trying to make myself proud. I’ve always wanted my Mother’s name tatted, which I will probably put inside the paws in the photo below. But “With pain comes strength” fits so well given the shit I’ve been through, so I tatted that in between the paws. I’ve changed a lot, and I do not like who I’ve become as apposed to who I was so I started blogging and writing stories to connect with others. I’ve been slacking on my work, but I’m working!!

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