Another Year

Another year, Another blessing.

No more stress, I’ve learned my lesson.

Knowing what gets you down allows life to take control of you.

A smile could hold so much back, somethings only you knew.

If I frowned all day, allowing my emotions to get the best of me,

I’d miss out on every great opportunity.

“With pain comes strength”, tatted on my arm, as a reminder to let my thoughts do no harm.

No harm to my self, ‘cause there’s always someone who has it worse.

Waking up each morning is a blessing whether it’s to family or a nurse.

But see ya’ll don’t understand, sometimes medicine takes over your mind.

So lately I’ve been praying asking god to help me find.

Find myself emotionally and mentally,and the difference between where I’m going and where I’m meant to be.

So this year right here, this year is mine.

Patience is key, it all takes time.

Don’t just depend on your blessings, you have to work hard as well.

Hard work pays off, the truth I tell.

If I had to do it over again, I’d do it all without a change.

“With pain comes strength”, knowing that kept me sane.

( Jessica Hunter )

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