Free Write (Old Poem Just Finished)

I don’t ask for much.

Just for the right person to listen to and understand my emotions and such. Instead of me constantly crushing and rollin’ em in a dutch.

I don’t ask for much, infact, this life chose me. Who the fuck thought right here is where I’d end up to be?

Out of school three years ago, can’t make that steady dime, but still manage to provide for myself. Every composite situation turned prime.

I don’t ask for much, just a second of someone’s time. Nobody got time for me, but wanna waste all of mine.

First thought was to give up instead of actually trying. I could’ve given up months ago, instead of daily crying.

I don’t ask for much, maybe a hug or an “I love you.” Maybe that’d ease this pain. If only you knew.

Can’t keep trying to explain it though, you gotta feel it to understand. Wish life got better, better on command.

But if I was able to speak and things just happened, the thought of “With pain comes strength”, would’ve been abandoned.

It’s better to work for what you want rather than it be handed.

You learn a lot more that way, when you take advantage,

of the strength you got and the smile you manage.

Can’t nothing or nobody do no damage.

(Jessica Hunter)

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