Walk by faith. (01/11/18)

So today was a pretty busy day. Being an adult is so very annoying. You can never sit down, it’s always something to do, something to get done. I had a doctors appointment today for my Epilepsy in which I was given another medication. Now normally I’d complain about taking so many meds and having all these emotions, but today was different. Although my transportation took very long to pick me up, the driver was the highlight of my day.

It was his mindset that grabbed my attention and not in that way. See, he gave real good insight and positive sayings to each patient which was really special given the fact that it was a MEDICAL transportation. Regardless of the situation, just a few words could turn someone’s day around, especially for a medical patient. Would you believe he hated driving, but the highlight of his day was meeting and speaking with patients? Just the faith he’s given me was truly amazing. The best inspiration comes from those who have been through the most because they’re able to connect with you, and he’s damn sure had a helluva life. Ya’ll know the mind grabs me and when somebody is able to understand and speak aspects of life with you (me), that’s my main interest. It was a blessing to meet someone with such high spirits. If the world had more people with high hopes and positive thoughts, it’d probably be a better place. Although I wasn’t happy to be placed on another medication, his words were very encouraging. 🙏🏾

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