Being Independent

You ever keep trying and trying for something that may never happen, but for some reason you have faith even after everyone keeps telling you no? I’ve been in a situation where all though it might not be good for me at all, maybe it’s best to stay in it for a bit to learn how to better myself. It seems as though I better myself a lot easier when I’ve gone through something; and what’s also amazing is that now I have a story to tell someone else who has been in the same predicament if not worse. “With pain comes strength.”

As much as I’d like to work as a team, I feel that I am better off independent because not everybody has the same mindset/game plan as you. Personally, I feel as though you get a lot more done independently because you already know what you want whether it be in life, work, dinner, or a relationship. You don’t always need someone around, it’s just nice for support; but what good is the person without support?

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