Cannabis v.s Cancer

To some, Marijuana isn’t an addiction. I personally believe it’s a great medicine. My doctor actually told me to see a herbtologist. Not only does it bring a calm and mellow mood, but it brings creativity. There are those who smoke Marijuana just to do so, those who use it for medicinal purposes, and those who use that high to better themselves. When I say that, I mean most times that’s where creativity comes from whether in music, writing, or any other form of life.

It’s also a great sleep aid. Up late at night? or Can’t sleep? Roll a spliff. I bet you’d sleep good through the night. See people are so hesitant with Marijuana, legalizing, and smoking it in public; but has it killed anyone yet? You’re allowed to smoke cigarettes which lead to cancer, one of the main causes of death today. What’s the difference? The smell? The smell of a cigarette is so much worse. I don’t encourage the idea of smoking, especially for creativity because we all our creative in our own way, I’m just saying. If you are going to legalize/sell something, why not be something beneficial. It’s so easy to get arrested for Marijuana, but still no cure for cancer, and a criminal of an actual crime is rarely found. Gotta do better.

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