Dating A Girl


I am friends with many girls who date the same sex. I’d have to say that honestly on an emotional note, girls love better. It’s easier for them to understand you because for the most part, ya’ll go through the same pain/emotion. With some of the guys I’ve dealt with or even watching from the outside looking in on some of my friends relationships, I can understand why their previous girlfriends have gone gay. The upbringing of guys today is a lot different from previously. I’m talking before popping up at ya door with roses and chocolates just because, walks in the park, dates, OMG member when couples used to go take pictures together behind them lil’ scene covers? Now, it’s about having sex, getting tatted, “in a relationship with _________” on social media, and everybody know ya’ll together; but the guys aren’t as caring today as they were before. Video games, social media, work, and the streets has taken over their lives, and it ain’t no time for nothing else.

I can see why girls like to date the same sex. How nice is that to be in love with your best friend who understands you because it’s kind of like they are you, for the most part they wanna do the same things as you all the time, the only bad thing is that time of the month, LOL. Nothing against Gay men love, but from what I’ve been analyzing, it’s not the same.

I listen to stories and read up on social media about how females are crying during “situationships,” and as a partner, how could you stand to see her cry? I tried to have a few male friends to were I can talk to about relationships in general (NOT LIKE THAT!!), and men actually have feelings, it’s the things they’ve been through that make them who they are today. I understand that, I’ve been through some things that made me BETTER, you take that pain and improve from it though. “With pain comes strength.” You don’t take that pain and hold it against someone because you’re hurt, that’s what you call blocking your blessings.

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