Snow at the wrong time?

All December we wanted snow, and here it goes all late. At first I hated snow due to the coldness, and hard transportation; but today I actually took a trip. We complain so much about the weather but it gives the best opportunities for new adventures. For example during summer when it’s so hot, people visit all sorts of lakes, pools, hotels, etc. But during the snow people tend to stay inside. Today, it snowed, and I visited the mountains (pic below) such an amazing view the higher we drove, the prettier the view got.

snow trees

Snow days aren’t always a bad day. Besides transportation, they bring an amazing view especially to polluted areas (sometimes). You only live once, EXPLORING is always fun, stepping outside of your comfort zone is needed, hanging with new people are needed.

The other day I went and visited horses who were so near to the area of where I reside, but It was something I never thought of doing. If it wasn’t for the crowd of friends I was around, I probably would have never thought of doing something like that. In fact, I haven’t done so, or visited a zoo since I was young. Doing so brought a kind of peaceful feeling, visiting landmarks did the same, these were things I never thought of doing, so when I woke up today and seen snow, I was like nah, can’t let that stop my day, I gotta see something new.

Don’t worry, I’ve been working on my stories, but apparently my audience thinks I’m some sort of news reporter or something, so I’ve been enjoying giving you guys a piece of my mind through out the day. *kanye shruggs*

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