The Way It Grows

So after advertising all of my work through major social media’s, I’ve finally connected with another interesting website. The site gives you 3 words and limits you to 55 words using those 3 words they have provided for you. For example, today I was given the words ” Apple, Tourist, and Garden,” and here is what I came up with.

Apples can grow in a garden, but nothing grew in mine.
Must be watered with love to grow, but I kept mine so confined.
Tourist were allowed to visit, but never allowed to help,
because each apple they picked they ran off with, leaving me by myself.

I know that poem sounds kind of depressing, but it’s something not many people would of thought of with only three words. In fact, using three words that have nothing to do with each other expands your definition of each word and ability to connect them. I actually fell in love with the site, and that start of the poem it’s self, so I am most likely going to continue writing this one.

Poetry as a child meant roses are red, violets are blue, I never looked deeply into the words and how it affects others. As I stated previously, I love when you can feel the author’s emotions and words, just as Maya Angelou. I know I will never be her, but I’ve always kept her rhythm and flows in mind, great inspiration. I usually find it best to write without music because then you have the opportunity to create your own flow and allow the readers to really feel your words.

I’m still working on being heard in every way possible via instagram (Storiesby_jess), twitter (Eyelovejess), wattpad (literaturebyjess), email: , and every other way possible. Thanks to those who have shared and continue sharing and commenting upon my work, better people have seen it, and greater things are happening.

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