Usually I have my coffee in the morning, but I did not expect to drive all the way through new jersey just for it, and a friend who wasn’t even there. We spent all day looking for her, calling her name, calling phones, just to discover that she was where we had come from. At least I got my coffee though.

Now lately I’ve been having some real descriptive dreams, dreams as if they are trying to tell me something. What do you believe a dream is specifically? Do you believe they are trying to tell you something? I used to stress certain situations a lot, and I’ve witnessed a lot of things that I guess you could say traumatized my brain, so maybe that could be a cause of them. Do you dream out of guilt? Now another thing, I also believe in some way, an angel is trying to reach you. Just things that run through my mind sometimes, like what happens after the after life? Speaking of those questions, do you believe that Psychics are able to really read your future? If that is really so, would you want to know your future? These are all questions I thought about as I sat in the backseat of the car today. I’m just so deeply into the mind and life itself.

As time expands, how will the world progress? (technology, etc). I notice today that babies are being given tablets and such, and learn so much via videos and apps. When I was growing up, it was always “read a book,” in fact, and older friend claims their family wasn’t even allowed to watch television, it was always read a book. But what about spending time with family? Where do you eat your dinner at dinner time? Most of us take it and run off back to our rooms and such. Times have really changed.

Excuse me, I was just deeply into thoughts today.

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