Being a parent

All parents aren’t necessarily bad, and there are many stereotypes out there. I’ve watched a mother be away from her child for one hour and constantly calling the family member checking to see if everything was okay; and I’ve also watched a mother away from her child for about an hour getting her hair done ain’t worried about nothing. As a mother, I can’t understand how you could do such a thing or how you walking around with brazilian weave and the latest outfits, and your child hair ain’t even done, or with someone you probably don’t know to well (the baby father’s family) and needs more milk.

Another main consideration is a father is supposed to be a daughter’s first love and the one who toughens up his son, his best friend. If/just because your father wasn’t there for you, doesn’t mean you should do the same to your child. You know how it feels to be neglected so why would you want to do the same? Your child did not ask to be here. Children are a lesson and a blessing. They make you a better person. S/o to all the single mother’s, I really commend you with doing these things on your own because its more than just buying pampers and milk, it’s an emotional stage for the mother and child ESPECIALLY when the child looks just like the father.

Now daily, I am reminded of how I look like my father due to my brush cut and head shape, which at a younger age when people said I looked like him was hard. Why? Because he wasn’t really interactive with me as much, see now due to health problems (us both) I guess it’s caused him to realize how short life really is, but I’ve already forgiven him without an apology. It was a way of moving on in life because you tend to hold that grudge against others. I’m not trying to be emotional, but having friends with children, I’ve realized it definitely is a lot more than what it seems.

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