“My phone”

So again I was messing around with the website Zathom which gives you 3 words and a 55 word limit to make a poem, or short story using those words given. The three words given were crack, wallpaper, and island, so here’s what I’ve come up with thus far..

 (My phone)

Life’s picture is never painted perfectly, so I could never set it as my wallpaper. I can see through a cracked screen without reliving memories, but a broken wallpaper brings such. An island view is more calm, puts my mind more at ease. It’s better to look at when there is an alert to read.

I actually came up with that off the strength that I cracked my iphone and it just recently gave out on me, so here I am trying to cope with an android,. But see the whole time, I was able to see through my cracked screen, I should’ve been gotten it fixed because of screen glitches and being able to cut myself. I know a cracked screen brings a broken wallpaper as well, but the screen was only cracked in certain areas, where as a broken wallpaper might be missing pieces to the picture like a person.

I’ve been enjoying these forms of creating poetry, you’d be surprised at what you could come up with, with just three words. And no, smoking marijuana doesn’t always have to come into effect with being creative, some people, like me, have a passion for such. I know I’ve been slacking with the stories and keeping you guys wondering what’s next, but that’s what I’d like to do. Tell a friend to tell a friend, share it, screenshot, post it yourself, everything’s about to change, I’m working I promise.

Just because it’s Saturday doesn’t mean you don’t have to do something productive. Getting out of bed is productive, cleaning your room, laundry, etc. I know most look at the weekend as a rest day, so with that being said, whatever you’re doing this weekend, I hope you enjoy!

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