In a way, I wish I never rushed to grow up. Time is such a valuable thing. Last night I was tryna hurry up to bed at age 6 cuz my tooth finally came out and the tooth fairy was gonna leave so much change under my pillow (which I don’t know how I didn’t feel), and then this morning I wake up and I am 21 years old with a lot of adultish things to do. I could never get a break, every time I turn around it’s signing this, attending that, scheduling this, filing that. I’m not complaining of being alive because it is a blessing it’s just like sheesh! I finally understood what my family was saying when they said not to rush life. Now being as though I’ve grown up so fast, I’m scared to progress so fast. I don’t want to wake up tomorrow and I am 35 with still nothing major completed for my Grandpa to see except my poetry. I’d like to at least be a lot more successful than I am today.
Family means a lot to me, knowing and keeping in touch with one another. Everyone’s first thought of their child is college and some sort of degree after high school. Having epilepsy never really stopped me, It just slowed me down due to the fact that I didn’t know how to handle it nor how to improve my life or anybody else’s based with it. I took some time and bonded with my Grandpa yesterday because he means so much to me, and just feeling how happy he was, made me happy. Anything I needed, he was ready to give, we went shopping and I didn’t allow him to pick up a single bag.
Now as I sat today on the outter porch writing and talking with my boyfriend, we both noticed a heavy rain out of no where. At that point, I stated it was somebody’s entrance into heaven, yet I hadn’t known who passed or if somebody did, that was just always my belief. Sure enough, not too long after, my mom sent a text saying my Stepdad’s father had passed. Prayers are with him deeply at this time! What a way to enter the day.

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