Positive Thoughts

It’s really something about coffee that actually does wonders for me. I took my medicine this morning which had me very tired, but after a cup of that original Dunkin Donuts, I am back to life. Black ink crew comes on tonight! Before catching up on my shows, I haven’t watched tv in almost a year. I’ve either never had the time or have been bonding with family. If it ain’t Law & Order, L&hh, Black ink, Prison Break, or OITNB, I probably don’t even know about it. Haven’t seen a BET Award or Soul train Awards in who knows when. I’ve been tryna get myself right honestly. I love hearing the words “I’m proud of you,” or “Your poetry is dope!” I’ve been working on myself overall as a person (mentally, emotionally, and physically) tryna eat my rice and cabbage to gain weight, but as much as I walk and as fast as I do, I’d never gain the weight.

Now, I’m unsure if I was baptized at a younger age, but I definitely thought about doing so again. Before doing so, I want to make sure I have forgiven myself (not that I’ve done so much bad), and that I have the proper understanding with God and what it means to be baptized. Baptism to me, should take time and steps. You don’t/can’t just turn to God because you’ve done wrong or are hurting especially when he’s warned you in some way previously. Being baptized definitely doesn’t take away your past, but it can help guide your future if you let it; feeling more securely in God’s hands.


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