My Garden (continued)

Apples can grow in a garden, but nothing grew in mine, must be watered with love in order to grow, but I kept mine so confined.

Tourist were allowed to visit, but never allowed to help because each apple they picked, they ran off with, leaving me to grow by myself.

Someone noticed such a dry garden one day, and showered it with love. Seeds other than apples began to grow, all thanks to the man above.

Strength grew, knowledge grew, self-esteem too. When I noticed how much the garden had grew, it was such an amazing view. Instead of looking in the mirror, here is a different reflection of you.

Seeing yourself progress, with or without help, should give more strength, because now you’re not by yourself.

You’ve got a whole support team who’d love to see you progress, you just got to want that thing called success.

Comes in all colors, forms, shapes, and sizes. The more you water that garden, the more it rises.

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