My Grandma/My Mother

As you guys know, I’ve been dealing with a site that allows you to make a creative writing based off of the three words they give you. I guess due to me continuously entering and exiting the page, the words got messed up, but they were flush, slice, and heroine. Then they switched to flush, newborn, and vessel, so here is what I was able to come up with.

My Grandma

A slice of my heart was taken when God called my heroine home, I still have never seemed to cope with that, still have such tight of a hold.

My 21st birthday, she slept so fine. “Looked so beautiful,” I thought to myself, while waiting in line.

Waiting to kiss her cheek and say “I love you,” one more time. Not being able to hear her response, putting her to rest, is now what each birthday will bring to mind.


My Mother

The flush of love running through a Mother’s body as her newborn is placed on her chest, when prepared for it, that feeling can be one of the best.

A mother’s love is so pure, makes you never wanna leave. Even after living on my own, My mother’s guidance, I’ll always need.

Place me on a vessel, ship me alone across sea, and I promise I’d make it home to her with the help of only me.

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