That Entenmann’s Day

Nothing like going home to Mom’s where I’m sure to find an Entenmann’s snack of some sort. Our favorite has always been the cinnamon buns and all butter loaf cake. Me personally, I’ve always favored the all butter loaf cake, the lemon loaf cake, milk chocolate chip cookies, and the mini iced fudge cakes. A lot of favorites huh? I’ve always had a sweet tooth for them. If you go to any friend’s house especially where I’m from, you are definitely bound to see some form of Entenmann’s, most likely the all butter loaf cake.

After a family member’s repass, we had a few things leftover. Of course the first 2 went, but the last all butter loaf cake left, I snuck off with me. Who had to know? Lol,  Mom knew when she went to cut a slice and it wasn’t there. I’m kind of glad to not work at a grocery store because there was always sales and I was always first in line!!

William Entenman, what a great idea! if you haven’t tried an Entenmann’s Product 120 years later is never too late, happy birthday Entenmann’s!!

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