Legalize it!

There is a lot of controversy between Marijuana and whether or not it should be legalized. Marijuana cures! Remember my friend I was telling you about with such an amazing personality, but also has epilepsy and a reflex disorder? Each time I’m with him, his nerves never stop moving and apparently there is really no cure for his disorder. I was chilling with him one day and watched him take all of his meds and still couldn’t calm down, so I said “Here try this,” and as he did, he sat down and was actually calm for a bit.

Now I’m not just saying this to say it, or just because I have a similar condition, but instead of trying all these different medications on human beings using them as guinea pigs to test, why not test marijuana on us? Are people scared that legalizing marijuana would cause too much? Judicially, you’d probably save a lot of humans out of court because that is another way people make their money. See, economically, they won’t hire you sometimes if you smoke weed as if that will impair your thinking. I personally believe Marijuana brings creativity to the mind, people get high and come up with the strangest coolest ideas that regular creativity could probably bring, just would’ve taken more time to come up with idea.

Sometimes I feel I write the best when high because of the creativity and flows that goes along in my head when writing. I’ve never heard of anyone dying or anything bad due to the Marijuana, but I’ve witnessed it being a help to many people including myself. If I have real bad anxiety or can’t calm down, sometimes I’ll smoke, and then I’m back to being mellow again and not so much worried about anything. Maybe that can actually lower people’s medication dosage and list, when I stayed in the hospital for a week, my nurse actually recommended me to see a herbtologist.

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