Open-minded dreams.

Open-minded people are my favorite. The ones who analyze a situation or words from every point of view before speaking or acting upon it. It’s also nice to bring up a scenario around others just to get a different point of view, or to see if someone else agrees/thinks the way you do. Each time my brother comes back home, I always bring up scenarios to him in which he is thinking the same way, if not better.

Now, remember I always say to listen to your dreams and how they don’t just happen for any reason? A friend of mind has been changing due to the friends they hang around, and does not analyze EVERY situation before acting. It was a sad thing to watch knowing  you did everything to help, or at least tried, and this is generally speaking, it’s sad watching someone change and not be able to properly communicate with.

Any who, I dreamt that my friend had invested in some sort of situation with like 3 or four other people. Long story short, my friend ended up getting robbed for some cash. After elaborating the dream to my friend, I was informed that they did have some form of investment going on that I knew nothing about until after the dream. After speaking to my brother who has a powerful mind, he believes that I am able to see into the future a bit and said something so very interesting.

“If you speak upon a situation, you can possibly prevent it from happening. Not speaking upon a situation may cause it to happen.” In this case, the “situation” would be my dreams. I threw back at him that just because you speak upon a situation doesn’t give it an opportunity to be prevented unless you act upon it, otherwise, you’re just prolonging it. Just things to think about.

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