Holidays is just another day

Holidays and special events started to not mean much to me about 2 years back. It just wasn’t understood, wasn’t the same without being around those you love the most. It’s nice watching everybody else enjoy happiness, sometimes people just need a change in their lives to overcome why they don’t enjoy certain things anymore.

It’s the company I keep that makes any holiday, or event better. Thinking that someone doesn’t understand you and your emotions and then meeting/speaking with others who feel similar changes my whole perspective on quality time, holidays, and events. Holidays are supposed to be spent with those you love and appreciate the most. After not spending my birthday with who I originally had planned one day, my best friend honestly made me look at holidays as any other day. We do pretty much the same thing each day, just on one day it is noticed more than others. Any who, as for others, and as I always say, it should never take a one day for you to appreciate someone because tomorrow is never promised. Even on Valentines day, those who have been through the most with their lover have been shown not much attention. You are appreciated!

I remember years back when I first started celebrating valentines day. I was given all my favorites, and a big ass card expressing love towards me. Do you express your love to your lover on a daily? How? Valentine or not, you are very well appreciated, and there is always someone waiting on you. Love takes time, and can come back 😉

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