Childhood memories

So since being placed on more medication, I haven’t really had the chance to get my to-do list done, therefor, I’ve been slacking on my webpage. I have recited a poem of Maya Angelou’s and created a poem, however the video is too big, so I am working on converting and editing the video.

Anyway, during my days off, I’ve been doing a bit of staying to myself. Went out to Wal-Mart one day and I don’t know what made me look or go into this aisle, but I ended up in the creative aisle. I picked up the craftlace string that we used to do when we were younger (the box, the cobra), and decided to bring the idea back. When you’re sitting down, idle, and all alone chilling to yourself, it actually gets addicting. I remember always going to Michaels arts and crafts store for landyard and markers, papers, and such. You know the colorful board that only allows you to color between the lines provided in the image usually something cartoonish? Those used to be my favorite! Those were the best ways of art and being creative before electronics began booming. Now, things have completely changed.

When I came home with the string, everybody’s reaction was like “bruh how old are we?” LOL. I’m still young at heart, I like all the old things, I am interested in the person I was as a child, and what made me who I am today.

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