“It smell like weed” people

Each day you hear of a situation pertaining to Alcohol and how it affects families. With the consumption of Alcohol, you have less control over your body than you think sometimes. You tend to do and say things you don’t mean, and what good does Alcohol do to your health?

I never socially promote Marijuana like “yeah go ahead and smoke it,” you can’t ever tell anybody what to do with their life anyway, especially if they don’t want to. But smoking Marijuana isn’t as bad as people make it seem. Sometimes out in public people look at you strange when they’ve caught a wiff. Do you look at them strange when they a smoking a cigarette or cigar? When have you heard of Marijuana killing someone? But what do cigarettes cause? People fight so hard to keep Marijuana off the streets when it’s actually used to save the lives and minds of others. People with Epilepsy, some forms of cancer, and those in need of a mind and body relaxation (all of us), grasp a very great use for it. Infact, I have personally seen the use of Marijuana with a friend who had bone cancer, who after used was able to relax. Too often we look at things from the wrong point of view. You’d be surprised by hoe much creativity one can come up with by smoking. I’m not saying you need to smoke in order to be creative, but I am saying there is nothing wrong with Marijuana.

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