Bald N’ Beautiful

There are so many stereotypes in today’s world that we let determine our lives. One of the main stereotypes are “Woman are supposed to have hair”, says who? People also determine that just because a female is bald, she is sick. I’m here to let you know that we are all bald & beautiful, sick or not. Some of us don’t like the amount of time spent on our hair. For me, it was supposed to be like a new beginning, when I chopped my hair, any pain or hurt got chopped with that; being as though I’ve got that done, I feel a lot more free. Look at these beautiful women with absolutely nothing wrong with them. 😍



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Sanaa Lathan.

We are still considered women, and before you “excuse me sir,” maybe you should double take and listen to the female’s voice before approaching. Just because we are bald doesn’t mean we have “cancer”, you know how many people have asked me about my health because I cut my hair off? You know how annoying that can be? Some people just want a different style, a new start.

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