“The Higher Power”

At some point in time we all came from/believe inn a higher power. We all came from somebody, mom and dad came from somebody else, etc., but what you believe in doesn’t matter. My king, my master, my GOD is AWESOME! Though church is a form of connection between you and God, you can also connect with him through yourself, or on your own rather. Just because you don’t attend church, or a religious center doesn’t mean God doesn’t know you, and it doesn’t mean you don’t know him. Who am I to dictate what one believes in? I’m not giving any body an “okay” to not attend a religious center because you should, but we all have different views.

See the God I believe in is awesome, I’ve personally seen instances where people lost faith in life itself, and though prayers may not have been answered when”wanted”, they were answered or shall I saw completed when needed. You believe in what you want to believe in. There was a point in time where I almost given up on myself, and I haven’t. They say “God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers,” and though this is one tough battle, I am one tough soldier.

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