Weight doesn’t matter!!

“Thick and Lit”, “Large and in charge”, “Petite and Sweet”, “Skinny and still plenty”. No matter how you look at your weight, you’re still amazing. To complain or laugh at someone because of their weight is very childish, and it’s sad to say that in Today’s world, nobody understands one another, nor do we know each other’s business. We just go with any stereotype or what we see off instinct.

There are other medicines that cause you to loose and gain weight which may cause insecurities to one. Being laughed at or constantly reminded of what you can and can not do is never a pleasant feeling. People need to understand that your weight does not depict who you are. I’m not saying whether or not it’s okay to weigh a certain weight, I’m just saying never let it take over your life. I don’t know how I have so much pride to tell you guys such an idea when I am insecure about my weight myself loosing weight due to medications and trying on new things noticing the change. But I’m learning how to still be and feel beautiful without weight mattering.

Always remember, beauty comes in all shapes, and sizes!

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